Cannabis Recipes For Your Summer Barbecue

Our mom used to sneak zucchini into everything, and now we do it too. But we'd never tell her that.
Our mom used to sneak zucchini into everything, and now we do it too. But we’d never tell her that.

By Joan Eberhardt

Barbecues are easily among the highlights of summer every year. Sitting in the sunshine, sipping cold drinks with your favorite people, tending the grill. Pounds and pounds of cheesy bratwursts.

With the Fourth of July coming up, we’re are excited to celebrate the birth of our nation by hosting a barbecue of our own. I mean, George Washington grew hemp so you know he was down.

While we always like to emphasize that moderation is key, and recreational marijuana use should be left to adults over 21, but assuming all of that is go here are some things we would be giddy to serve at our summer marijuana cookout.

Starting with the basics, you’re going to want to make some cannabutter or cannaoil. Like any other cooking fat these are used to add flavor and help provide the right consistency to whatever it is you’re cooking, with the added benefit of being full of marijuana. Both can be made in bulk and stored safely in the refrigerator if you’ve got any leftover.

Once your cannabutter is ready to go, pick out a cut of meat of your choice and slather it in this Sweet-N-Tangy Bar-B-Cannabis Sauce.

While for many, meat is the entire point of a barbecue, those who prefer a lighter fare prefer to see that sauce on their vegan mushroom burger.

You can’t have a barbecue without sides and this caprese salad has just about everything you would want in a light summer salad, including a little cannaoil in the dressing.

A cookout without dessert, though, is hardly one worth bothering with. These magical magic cookie bars are heavy on the cannabutter, so be careful with your dosing. But with only five ingredients, there’s no way these simple treats won’t be a hit.

Between digesting your meal but before engaging in second dessert, many people might enjoy a cold beer on a hot day. If you’ve got the inclination and the time, you could brew your own cannabeer at home. Those who are less inclined to begin the process of making beer for their guests no fewer than 10 days in advance, could just seek out a few cases of Lagunitas’ Censored. The amber ale was originally named The Kronic until the feds stepped in and put a stop to that.

After a long day of indulging, you’re probably tired and very full. This can be especially true if you’ve been eating foods made with cannabutter or cannaoil all day. But sometimes nothing else is going to satisfy but something munchy and for that we’d recommend keeping a bowl of Sriracha Chex Mix around.

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