Congratulations to Oregon!
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By Joan Eberhardt

Congratulations are in order to Oregon.

As of 12:01 a.m. recreational marijuana use is legal for adults 21 and over.

While recreational marijuana use is now legal, grow operations and dispensaries aren’t likely to open until 2016. So, officially it is illegal to buy or sell cannabis in that state.

The Portland Chapter of NORML celebrated the event by distributing free marijuana and seeds. While Portland Police, pragmatically so, issued a primer on how much cannabis it will be legal to possess at home and on the go, using one of the state’s culinary highlights, the VooDoo Donut, as a guide.

(Truthfully, we can’t wait to see what jokes Portlandia comes up with for this.)

How does your candidate rate?

The presidential election isn’t for another 16 months, so we don’t want you to get burned out, but the Marijuana Policy Project issued a report card for the declared candidate’s stances on cannabis.

Presumed Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton didn’t do too badly. She received a B- for supporting states that have set their own marijuana laws and supporting more research on the medical side.

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul actually received the highest grade, an A-, for supporting reform on the legal side and cosponsoring a bill that would make banking easier for cannabusinesses.

Everyone’s favorite google problem Rick Santorum received a big, fat F for saying he would not support prohibition even in states that have enacted their own laws.

Stoner culture from the Jazz Age through legalization.

Vulture, as part of its Stoner Week series, took a critical and insightful look into stoner culture in America from the mid-19th Century through 2015.

The Making of the Modern Stoner” is a thoughtful and well researched historical perspective. It takes the reader from the 19th century’s proto-Hunter Thompson through “Broad City” where marijuana is more an idle pastime than lifestyle.

It’s not a long read, but it certainly is worth the time.

Baby steps for Minnesota?

While Oregon residents are smoking to their heart’s content, Minnesota is celebrating a smaller milestone.

Today Minnesota’s medical cannabis law goes into effect. The law is among the most stringent in the nation. Under the law oils and pills are the only acceptable forms that cannabis can be sold under. Only eight dispensaries, sometimes hundreds of miles away from patients, can sell oils, vapors or pills to patients suffering from severe conditions like epilepsy, HIV and AIDS or cancer are eligible.

Critics have said the law is too restrictive and won’t help the patients it claims to be there to help.

And because we don’t want to leave on a bummer note, and we love love just as much as anyone else:

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