5 Portable Vaporizers to Bring to a Live Music Festival

Photo via Flickr user Mardi_Gras_2010

By Joan Eberhardt

Pitchfork just wound up, but Lollapalooza, Outside Lands and who knows how many more are still coming. Many of us here at Kannatopia are excited to see Snoop Dogg at Riot Fest (performing all of Doggystle, no less.)

We also know that it would be rude to pay a visit to the Doggfather without bringing an herb along. Vaporizing your cannabis, in addition to being easier on your lungs, is a discreet way to carry your stash around all day, making it pretty easy to space out your consumption between your preferred sets. Plus it will work rain or shine, which can be a big deal.

So here, in no particular order, are five vaporizers you should consider bringing to your next music festival:

For the height of discretion:

The Indica Vaporizer

Designed to resemble the noble Zippo the Indica Vaporizer is among the most discreet vaporizers on the market. Its battery has a respectable life, days with “moderate” use but only about 90 minutes of nonstop use. If the pat-down you can expect to receive at the gate has you a little paranoid, you may want to consider spending $200 on this one.

For the technophile:

The MiniVAP

The MiniVAP has some serious cred. This high-tech device only creates vaporization when the user inhales and it keeps the temperature at a precise level to produce a pristine taste and aroma. Additionally, it can be modded to extend its battery life or to be used primarily at home. While it certainly isn’t tiny or cheap, the price tag is over $500, if the purest available cannabis vapor is what you’re seeking out, this is what you’re looking for. It’s not called the portable Volcano for nothin’.

For those who want to hide among the tobacco users

VaporFi Orbit Dry herb Vaporizer Kit

Long names aside, the VaporFi Orbit, looks just like any other non-cannabis vaporizer on the market. This sleek, discreet device resembles a vapor pen that would use extracts or e-liquid. This particular one is designed to be used with dry herb, charges via USB (super convenient) and works like a dream. On sale now for just under $100 now is a great time to pick one up.

For the fashion conscious

SkyCloud Vaporizer

The SkyCloud Vaporizer has some serious chops. It can handle herbs, liquid, wax and oils. It heats up in five seconds and has a lifetime warranty. But most importantly it comes in five different colors including metallic gold and silver. How slick would you look at Bootsy Collins’ set with your gold vaporizer? Very slick, that’s how. This pen-style vaporizer is just under six inches long, so it fits in a pocket or a purse easily enough.

For Those With More Classic Tastes

The Pax 2

Ploom, the company that made the beautifully constructed Pax 1, basically took all the good suggestions from their previous version and improved it considerably. The Pax 2 is a little bigger than its older sibling, and a little more expensive, but worth it if you enjoy having a simple, easy to use, vaporizer with a long battery life and a lot of discretion. It’s the closest thing to an Apple product we’ve got and that is a high compliment.

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