Seven Unconventional Marijuana Recipes

Photo via Flickr user Heather Katsoulis

By Joan Eberhardt

The noble brownie might be the traditional delivery method for marijuana fans who would rather ingest than smoke. But maybe you don’t like brownies, or you would rather have some variety in your edibles. Necessity being the mother of invention, and all, marijuana users have found no shortage of ways to cook, distill, boil, bake or even broil their marijuana into whatever it is they would rather snack on.

Here are seven cannabis recipes you can try to add a little variety to your edibles.

Strawberry Banana Marijuana Pancakes

Give “wake and bake” a whole new meaning by starting the day with these tasty, fruity pancakes. Especially since, at least here in the Midwest, we are knee deep in strawberry season.

This recipe uses 3 ½ tablespoons of cannabutter, to add the desired effect and lightness to the batter, as well as overripe bananas and a whole pint of strawberries.

Cannabis Cocktails

Many people prefer to drink their cannabis, in part because it acts a little more quickly (effects usually begin in 10-20 minutes as opposed to an hour or more) but also because it offers a lighter, low-fat option than candy or brownies.

Making this recipe with Stevia instead of sugar would be a great option for those inclined to do such a thing. We’re partial to the Cannabis Cup, ourselves.

Red, White and Blueberry Popsicle’s

There is probably no better way to be the best guest at a backyard bbq than to bring popsicles, except maybe to bring canna-popsicles.

These Red, White and Blueberry popsicles take a bit of legwork and time to freeze, but on a hot afternoon there can’t possibly be anything finer.

Marijuana Tea

How do you think cannabis was ingested back in olden days? It was often made into a tea, but you won’t get there by just boiling a gram of cannabis in hot water.

This recipe uses the same basic concepts as early cannabis fans would have used and sounds delightful to boot.

Marijuana Mashed Potatoes

The ultimate comfort food combined with the uplifting properties of a nice sativa? Probably the best Thanksgiving. Just make sure not to feed any scraps to the dog, and maybe keep it away from the small ones.

This recipe uses rosemary to add a beautiful, herby flavor, and cannacream to add the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday night dinner.

Cannabis dumplings for soups and stews

Chicken soup is the soup of the soul, right? Right. Improve your favorite chicken or any other soup by adding cannabis dumplings.

A dumpling, in this iteration anyway, is not more complicated than a biscuit is to make and when simmered in a meaty stock will turn into the stuff dreams are made of.

These dumplings would work equally well in any other soup or stew that strikes your fancy.

Red Thai Curry, By Way of Alaska

Who doesn’t love a spicy, red curry? Red curry paste can usually be found in most specialty food shops and we highly recommend tossing some saffron in with the basmati if you’re feeling fancy.

Made with canna-coconut oil, this dish can be made vegan-friendly by omitting the Chicken.

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