Marijuana Legalization in 2016?

Photo via Flickr user Cannabis Culture.
Photo via Flickr user Cannabis Culture.

By Joan Eberhardt

Could cannabis legalization turn a corner next year?

Marijuana advocates have had a productive year working to get the issue of legalization before the voters in next year’s presidential election. Voter turnout is never better than during a presidential election year. With cannabis gaining widespread acceptance nationwide it is a safe bet that voters given the opportunity to determine the future of cannabis in their states, would do so in high numbers.

The Daily Chronic took an in-depth look at which states are likely to vote on legalization in some form in next year’s election and what that means for the nation at large. It’s certainly worth a read.

NORML backs Ohio’s legislation, doesn’t feel great about it

NORML recently threw its endorsement at ResponsibleOhio’s efforts to create a legal, recreational cannabis market in Ohio by putting the issue before the voters. While ResponsibleOhio has been criticized by opponents who say it would install a legal cartel in Ohio’s constitution. According to the measure, growing operations across the state would be limited to 10 sites operated by the wealthy backers of the initiative

NORML founder Keith Stroup, who now works as legal counsel for the organization, said ResponsibleOhio’s legislation is a “perversion of the initiative process,” and he called the ballot measure a “bitter pill to swallow.”

Still, NORML’s board endorsed the campaign. Stroup wrote “But currently Issue 3 is the only option available to stop the senseless and destructive practice of arresting marijuana smokers in Ohio.”

Republicans: Let cannabis be a state issue

During last week’s Republican presidential Colorado, and the legal cannabis industry, were topics of debate. When asked where they would stand on the issue, three said they would not interfere with the decision of the states, that included Sen. Rand Paul, businesswoman Carly Fiorina and current Bush son, Jeb!.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reiterated that he would use the full force of his powers as president to override any state that allows for the legal sale of cannabis in any form.

So, I guess, take that into consideration.

Quick Puffs

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  • Illinois’ fine governor won’t expand the list of medical conditions eligible to use medical marijuana. Gov. Bruce Rauner also vetoed adding PTSD as an eligible condition.

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