DIY Halloween Costumes for the Cannabis Fan

By Joan Eberhardt

Halloween this year falls on a Saturday. Which is ideal for those of us who love to celebrate our favorite herb, but don’t want to dress like Cheech and Chong at work. A subtler cannabis-themed costume could work around a variety of smoking and non-smoking friends. There is still time to get your Halloween costume together. If you’re still scrambling to get a costume, either because you didn’t plan or forgot to plan, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here’ we’ve compiled a few DYI options that celebrate both the holiday, and your love of cannabis.

ResponsibleOhio’s mascot Buddie

Image Via ResponsibleOhio
Image Via ResponsibleOhio

Earlier this summer, ResponsibleOhio, the embattled organization hoping to legalize cannabis in Ohio, made the questionable decision to send a costumed mascot across the state in an RV.

You too can be just like Buddie, a mascot ResponsibleOhio assured was only visiting adults on college campuses. This Hulk costume and these underpants. The challenge comes in making the nug that represents Buddie’s head (and, we assume, is the source of his superhero powers) but this Instructable should be able to help you out.

Bonus points if you roll up to the party in an RV.

Ilana and Abbi from Broad City


    The broads from Broad City haven’t been shy about their love of marijuana. In the second episode Ilana Glazer makes clear that, at least in her opinion, the best place to carry your cannabis through New York is by using nature’s pocket. In that same episode, Abbi Jacobson concludes she is too irresponsible to buy her own stash. In short, they are the ladies we all really are, not the ladies we wish to be. We love them for this.

This wig would be great for Ilana, and this unfortunately named wig, looks about right for Abbi.

The rest you’ll accomplish pretty easily with a trip to American Apparel, or any gigantic thrift shop.

Miley Cyrus’ Art Bong


Pop star Miley Cyrus made waves in the art world this year when she was able to display a gallery full of art she made while she was smoking marijuana (probably). The Soho gallery allowed Cyrus and fashion designer Jeremy Scott to display her art last month. Scott used Cyrus’ “sculptures” in his show at New York Fashion Week. The highlight of the show was this five-foot bong that included pro-cannabis messages in plastic beads.

This one is an easy costume to replicate, but depending on how artsy your friends are maybe a little tricker to explain. Start with this bodystocking, your choice of these beads (you’re going to need a lot), and some solid spray adhesive.


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