Canada’s New Boss Will Get to Work on Marijuana Legalization “Right Away”

Via Flicker user Cannabis Culture
Via Flicker user Cannabis Culture

By Joan Eberhardt

Canada elected a prime minister who plans to legalize marijuana “right away.”

Monday Canada elected Liberal Party ticket Justin Trudeau to be the next prime minister. Previously, Stephen Harper had brought nearly a decade of Conservative Party leadership to our friends up top. While earlier in the election, Trudeau had said he would begin the process of creating a legal cannabis market across Canada “right away” if elected, Harper described cannabis as “infinitely worse” than cigarettes.

That would make Canada the first North American nation to legalize cannabis. Shares in the nation’s already-legal medical cannabis market skyrocketed, Tuesday following the elections. Trudeau told supporters that, while work would begin toot suite, the market may not go live immediately, but will follow models set forth in Washington D.C., Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

“Runner’s high” or just high?

Scientists have determined recently that the so-called “runner’s high” is not fundamentally different from the high from smoking cannabis. In a study performed at the University of Oxford, researchers determined that the endocannabinoids are likely responsible for the feeling of euphoria that some people report after vigorous exercise, like running.

Scientists studied mice, which were made to run for a period of time, and determined that the previously suspected source was the β-endorphin, a natural opioid. After determining that β-endorphin never actually enters the brain, researchers went hunting for the source.

Oregon sells $11 million worth of cannabis in first 5 days

Oregon brought $11 million in sales during the first five days for recreational marijuana sales. That’s insane, you guys. For contrast, Colorado brought $5 million in sales during its first week.

Oregon’s sales were boosted because the state already had more than 250 medical cannabis shops in place at the time legalization was passed by the voters. Medical cannabis outlets, and headshops that sold medical cannabis, were already in place and ready to sell on day one.

“They’re telling me that customers lining up are in many cases 50 to 65 and haven’t purchased marijuana in decades, but they’re just happy to have the opportunity to do so,” Casey Houlihan, executive director of the Oregon Retails of Cannabis told High Times.

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