In Illinois, Legal Cannabis Goes On Sale

Photo via Flickr user Señor Codo.

By Joan Eberhardt

Legal Marijuana Goes On Sale in Illinois

Illinois began legal sales of medical cannabis last week. Despite the fact only eight dispensaries in the state had product available for sale, $210,000 of cannabis was sold in its first week.

Over 800 patients purchased about half an ounce on average. While 3,300 patients are currently registered in Illinois product is not yet widely available, that coupled with the fact that most dispensaries are not yet open at all, kept sales low.

Early estimates put the price in Illinois around $450 per ounce.

Canada’s Prime Minister Outlines Cannabis Legalization Goals

Last month newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to get started on cannabis legalization “right away” and by jove, he has done it.

Got started, that is. Trudeau publicly released a letter his office sent to his minister of justice and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould, outlining priorities for his tenue in office.

Sixth on the list  read “Working with the Ministers of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Health, create a federal-provincial-territorial process that will lead to the legalization and regulation of marijuana.”

If it can be accomplished, this would make Canada the first developed nation to legalize recreational, adult cannabis use. Setting up a system that would allow Canada’s 35 million population able to purchase cannabis legally, and implement it in one fell swoop, won’t be an easy task. Hopefully Canada does it right and creates a replicable model for other nations.


Oregon Cannabis Workers Begin Unionizing

The United Food and Commercial Workers announced last week that a handful of workers at two dispensaries in Oregon have joined under its umbrella.

So far only Hi Cannabis in Portland and West Salem Cannabis have joined with the labor organization. But the union said it expects membership to grow, as the industry gets larger and that more than 40 dispensaries in the region have expressed interest in joining.

Quick Puffs

  • Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders recently introduced a bill that would move Cannabis off the list of Schedule 1 drugs. Sanders has said previously he supports states tackling the issue of legalization without federal interference.
  • Here is a chart showing the proportions of America that say they’ve tried marijuana, since 1969 to date.
  • Tips and tricks for not forgetting every damn thing while using marijuana.
  • Stephen Colbert talks to Ohio Gov. John Kaisch about where the conservative republican non-tv-show-host stands on marijuana.

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