Cannabis-infused Thanksgiving Recipes

Turkeys in the weeds, by Flickr user Sarowen

By Joan Eberhardt

Thanksgiving is among the finer low-pressure holidays around. No gift giving, plenty of snoozing on the couch, and leftovers for days. Basically, any marijuana user’s ideal day. Naps, eating, movies, eating, snoozing. Thanksgiving might just be an ideal holiday for those prone to couch lock. Maybe take a few ideas below and incorporate cannabis into one, or all if you’re feeling adventurous, of the dishes in your holiday meal. Or maybe consider tomorrow a practice run, and save the cannabis apple pie for next week’s Friendsgiving.

Considering the amount of time it will take, starting with the turkey is the way to go. The above recipe is going to need ¼ oz of cannabis, but the end result is a glistening bird that will do more to encourage that post-lunch nap than tryptophan ever could.

Stuffing with cannabis

Is it overkill to fill your cannabis-buttered turkey, with cannabis-laced stuffing? Who knows, ask the bird. This recipe, regardless of its THC content, includes wheat grass, cashews and rye bread. Which, whether you leave out the cannabutter, still sounds pretty good

Cannabis and Green Bean Casserole  

Is it really Thanksgiving without a casserole covered in fried onions and cheese? No, of course not. This classic dish-inspired recipe will bring warm, fuzzy memories of the kind of things grandma used to make, but with an extra kick that grandma’s doctor may have prescribed. French’s fried onions are mandatory.


Sure, the sides are something to swoon about, and the bird is the star of the show, but it is gravy that binds the whole meal together. There’s no need to worry about your mashed potatoes getting a little corn casserole on them, when you’ve already covered everything in gravy anyway. Gravy can be a unifier. This gorgeous gravy recipe adds a lightness to a more base recipe but adding fresh rosemary, sage and balsamic vinegar for brightness.

Pie (is bae)

If the main dish and sides are the stars of the show, pie is there to be both the warm-up act and perform the closing number. Pie is there for you when you are too full for another round of potatoes. Pie is there for you the next morning, when you want breakfast. When you are tired of putting cranberry jam on your sandwich (recommended), pie is there to cure what ails you.

We like this marijuana apple pie recipe, and this cannabis pumpkin pie for the purists.

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