Cannabis Christmas Gifts Under $75

By Joan Eberhardt

The holidays are fast approaching, which means this is the time to consider what to get for the marijuana fan on your list. Shipping deadlines are fast approaching so if ever there was a time to get cracking, this is it. Here we have compiled ten (mostly) affordable gifts for your always-on-the-go friend or stay-at-home-with-a-joint uncle.

For The Person Who Never Has A Lighter
At $5 each PWProvisions out of Brooklyn makes timeless but contemporary lighters, and the price makes them a handsome stocking stuffer.


For the Festival Goer
These hand-screened buffalo stash pouches will run $16 each. The artist who sells and makes them, doubleblack out of Vail, Colorado, also has a similarly fox designed stash pouch, if the noble buffalo won’t work.


For the Outdoorsy Friend
These small jars hold a quarter ounce of whatever your favorite herb is, seal tightly, come with over 40 different design options and won’t break the bank at just $18.  This smoky bear will amuse the outdoorsy friend on your list.


For The Subtle Fashionista
There are near-endless options for the cannabis fan who wants to display her appreciation through her wardrobe. But those that might want to allude, rather than display overtly, might appreciate this sterling silver ring featuring a faux grass center. Never needs mowing, always work appropriate. From designer JenevierBlaine out of Portland, Oregon. grassring.jpg

For The Epicurean
From the folks over at The Stoner’s Cookbook, Herb: Mastering The Art of Cooking With Cannabis, is the ideal gift for the person on your list who always brings the most elaborate dish to the pot luck. The authors have said they want this to be a book any respected home cook can appreciate, with or without the addition of cannabis.


For The Person With A Clean House
There are a great many people in the world who find the smell of a fresh nugget to be an enticing aroma, but most of us don’t particularly want our living rooms to smell like that. For $28 you can give that friend who won’t live with stinks a candle with a pleasant, grassy smell just not that grassy smell.


For your Intergalactic Friend
Boro Ballers Cosmic Pipe is hand blown in the USA, with a deep bowl and full of cosmic swirls. For $52, (on sale) choose from Earth, its moon or Pluto. cosmic.jpg

For the Quiet, Distinguished Type
This waxed stash bag is made from heavy leather and finished with stunning gold hardware. This is a stash bag that could be left in plain sight without raising any eyebrows. Handmade in Portland, Oregon by DefiantPixieLeather, and running $65, this would be perfect for the medical marijuana patient while traveling.


For The Social Media Butterfly
Neither the cost, nor the purchasing options, have been made public yet. But for that friend who loves all things cannabis and all things Instagram, this calendar, produced by GaloreMag, and prominently featuring elderly Instagram celebrity BaddieWinkle, is a no-brainer. I mean look at that lady, she’s clearly boss.

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