New Year’s Marijuana Resolutions

Acadia National Park Photo via Flickr user Smilla4

By Joan Eberhardt

With the advent of a New Year it’s an excellent time for a little self-improvement. That doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym any more or less than you currently do (but if leaving your socks on the floor is such a big deal, maybe work on that.) Consider making a few changes to your cannabis-related habits in 2016, we will be doing the same, in the hopes that we can all be more considerate, tidier folks.

Keep healthy snacks around

Everyone loves Oreos, okay? Even the rogue vegan has been suspected in their disappearance. But, since cookies are not a First Lady-approved snack, consider keeping baby carrots and hummus around. Many people like lightly flavored, sparkling water as an alternative to higher calorie drinks. Fresh popcorn is much easier to make than Orville would have you believe, and takes to toppings quite well. With a little planning ahead, it is possible to binge on snacks without this all-too-common problem.

Clean your glass

Using a freshly cleaned glass bowl is so much more satisfying than using one caked with resin. The flavors of your cannabis come through better, and removing the resin can help reduce the overall odor that can permeate soft surfaces, like couches or pillows. In the new year, maybe resolve to clean your bowl (or your preferred glass) on a regular basis. All you need is a few things that are probably already in your house. Or commercial products are available, if rummaging through the kitchen and medicine cabinets aren’t your thing.

Go outside

Couchlock is a very real condition that affects millions of cannabis users daily.  Don’t succumb to couchlock. Take a hike in the snow, you will probably see more evidence of wildlife and fewer people. Urban dwellers should seek out their nearest conservatory post haste for some much needed warmth, clean air and Vitamin D. Skiing or snowshoeing are great ways to get outside in the cold weather, and studies have shown that cannabis can have a surprisingly helpful effect on athletic performance.


In this year’s election, at least seven states will see cannabis legalization on the ballot. Voters in those states will determine the future of marijuana, and its social, judicial and tax-based merits. Turnout is traditionally higher during presidential elections, and while many candidates have expressed more progressive thoughts on marijuana legalization, some have promised to use full military powers to undo all the progress in states like Oregon and Colorado. Is that an outlandish proposal? Yes, very. So register to vote, or find out if you aren’t sure, Vote in the primary election. And vote in the presidential election on November 8. This year, the elections are so nice, we’re holding them twice.

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