Why Bowie Never Went Back To Rochester

Photo via The Smoking Gun

By Joan Eberhardt


That Time Starman Got Nabbed

Did you know that in 1976 David Bowie was arrested for possession of about half a pound of cannabis? He did. He was hanging out with Iggy Pop at the time.

Iggy and Bowie, and two others, were arrested at 2:25 a.m. at a hotel in downtown Rochester, NY, following a show. The four were taken into custody and Bowie, ever the gentleman, paid all four bonds.

While the young musicians, Bowie was then 28 and Iggy was 29, faced as many as fifteen years in prison for the felony charges, they were ultimately dropped. Bowie never played in Rochester again, but the single coolest mugshot ever taken is just one of the many gifts he gave us before he left.


Indoor Grows Are Not Green

Cities with large grow operations are having difficulty reducing their overall carbon emissions, and indoor marijuana growing operations takes no small part of the blame.

Bloomberg Business has a great rundown of the ways indoor growing operations are taxing electrical grids. Which makes sense, growers are often large, warehouse-style facilities, with 1000 kilowatt lights, air conditioned so they don’t overheat the plants, while the plants are heated to mimic outdoor settings, running 24 hours a day, would eat up a lot of energy.

Some cities have responded by implementing a tax on high energy users, other growers rely on diesel fuel to power the building thus keeping them off the grid (which seems worse?)

Many growers devote half of their monthly expenses just to electricity.


Cannabis Expected On Seven State’s Ballots

Residents of seven states can expect to see some degree of legalization on their ballots this year. Presidential years often have better voter turnout than midterm ones, so in states, including Florida and Nevada, where cannabis legalization was rejected by narrow margins in the past, have a much better chance of passing this year.

In states, California for example, where medical marijuana laws are so lax as to effectively render it a recreational law, will have the opportunity to bring the laws in line with practice.

And George could be among the first states to really crack in the South.


Quick Puffs


Goodnight, Starman. It was a lovely visit.

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