How Cannabis Can Help Keep You Healthy

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By Joan Eberhardt


Oftentimes medical marijuana is treated as an important tool to help people who have chronic conditions manage their illnesses. And it is, there is no doubt. But for those who don’t have a chronic medical condition, and still enjoy a toke or two, may not realize that many of those same medical benefits extend to you as well. Here are a few ways that your favorite flower can be helpful in helping you keep in shape.


Take Up A Sport

It sounds counterintuitive but millions of people use marijuana as a way to help increase their athletic performances. And why not? It reduces inflammation, nausea and pain, all common problems for any athlete. Heck, there’s reason to suspect that just about the entire UFC is using cannabis.A study that came out late last year even determined there are more similarities between a marijuana high and a runner’s high, than there are differences. Distance runners, including marathon and distance runners, will even smoke right before heading out for a run, to help ease pain. While many athletes will let you take their kinesio tape before you take their cannabis, many anti-doping agencies still consider cannabis to be a banned substance.


Plan Healthier Meals

There is sufficient evidence that people who regularly use cannabis tend to have lower BMIs, better regulated insulin levels and greater levels of the good cholesterol. A study printed in the American Journal of Medicine showed that current users had 16 percent lower fasting insulin levels than those who had never used cannabis. There’s even the Marijuana Diet, which advises devotees to eat a diet rich in plants and lean proteins, while strategically choosing appetite suppressing strains of marijuana. This smoothie recipe uses the leaves of the marijuana plant, which is rich in many of the chemical components of cannabis, but poor in the psychoactive components. Give it a try for breakfast some day this week.


Give Yoga a Try

Slightly different than taking up a sport, many people feel that yoga and cannabis go together like chips and salsa. Regular yogis seek out greater awareness, relaxation and feelings of happiness. In fact, yoga and cannabis have been combined so frequently that even the New York Times took notice. In areas where cannabis consumption is legal, yoga studios often offer classes specifically for the 4:20 set. Yoga as a routine practice has many extraordinary health benefits, including greater strength, toned muscles, protection from future injuries. Yoga With Adriene, one of the more charming yoga personalities on YouTube, offers free videos that beginners and more advanced practitioners can appreciate.

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