Nature Documentaries to Help Get You Through Winter

Photo via Flickr user P J Hansen

By Joan Eberhardt

While most of the U.S. is hunkered down under a pile of blankets waiting for the spring thaw (which will be early this year if you believe what some Pennsylvanian rodent has to say.) Regardless of the aeromantic skills of the noble groundhog, most of us will stay indoors for a few more weeks yet, dreaming of getting outside in direct sunlight. Until the sun returns to our northern hemisphere, take a vitamin D supplement, curl up with a freshly packed bowl and dream of better days with these nature documentaries. You might be cold and grouchy, but in Norway they seem fine with it. Must be all the fjords.

NORWAY – A Time-Lapse Adventure

NatGeo Wild – Japan

This is How Sahara Desert Was Made

NatGeo Wild – Journey to Amazonia

BBC Life: Plants

Metamorphosis: Amphibian


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