Feds Protect Marijuana Ads

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By Joan Eberhardt


Federal Lawmakers Want To Protect Cannabis Mailers

There is a bipartisan effort underway in Washington to protect legal marijuana companies who wish to advertise using the mail. The ban, which Oregon USPS brought to a head late last year, prevents any cannabis-related company from using the U.S. Postal Service to send advertisements. This ban extended to newspapers and magazines.

Oregon USPS officials warned that it remains illegal to “place an ad in any publication with the purpose of seeking or offering illegally to receive, buy, or distribute a Schedule I controlled substance.” Mail carriers were encouraged to report citizens who insisted on sending an ad for a legal cannabis company, were encouraged to report that citizen to the authorities. Which is nonsense.

Regardless, the Marijuana Advertising In Legal States Act (MAILS) would add a single line to the Controlled Substances Act exempting companies operating in compliance with local laws. This greatly expands a dispensary’s ability to advertise in its own local area.


Oregon Task Force Wants State to Pay for Research Center

A Task Force in Oregon advised the state to fund a world-class research institute on the medical and public health benefits of cannabis. The Task Force, which included state officials, scientists and physicians, recommended that the institute be funded through a tax on legal cannabis sold within the state.

The report, which was released by the Oregon Health Authority, claimed “No other single initiative could do as much to strengthen the Oregon cannabis industry and to support the needs of Oregon medical marijuana patients.”

Mowgli Holmes a biologist who participated on the task force told The Oregonian, “The simple truth is right now people say cannabis can cure or help 20 different medical problems and I don’t think we have gold standard proof of that for hardly any of them.


PA Governor Joins Medical Cannabis March

Tom Wolf, the governor of Pennsylvania, stopped by a pro-medical marijuana rally in the capitol rotunda on Monday.

The governor has promised to sign legislation that would create a medical cannabis program in that state. In fact, the Senate has already passed the bill by a vote of 40-7.

Wolf called on House Speaker to quit stalling the legislation. So far 200 amendments have been proposed by the house. Medical cannabis sees majority support among Pennsylvania residents.
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