Taco Night with Cannabis


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By Joan Eberhardt

On her Documentary series “Chelsea Does” comedian Chelsea Handler and a group of friends discuss their history with, and opinions on, drugs over a fancy multicourse dinner where each dish has been infused with cannabis. Eventually it just turns into a bunch of very high people giggling, but beyond that it looks like a hoot. Spending a night in having a bunch of laughs and dinner with a group of close friends is probably the most fun a group of adults can have. While many of us don’t have the spare coin to arrange for Michelin-starred chefs to create elegant dinners for us, there’s no reason you cannot invite a few friends over to have a great night in. Make dinner together, cannabis-infused natch, and queue up a silly comedy. We’ve included some recommendations below (we picked a taco night because everyone loves taco night. Please dose responsibly, edibles can be tricky. Please remember less is more.)


Cannabis-infused Skirt Steak Tacos

Edibles have come an awfully long way since the “special brownie” came to the social consciousness. Many modern strains, and adventurous modern cooks, are extremely well suited to creating edible main courses, side dishes and drinks. Not just baked goods and pre-packaged snacks, but a real honest to bob meal. For this one, we recommend creating a chimichurri sauce infused with cannabis. The folks over at Whaxy have a great recipe to create a vibrant sauce that would pair beautifully with this skirt steak taco recipe.

As for the actual cannabis, this is a great opportunity to pair a strain with the flavors of the food being prepared. VCDC is a high CBD strain with notes of lime in the flavor, which would pair well with the limes used to prepare the steak.


Marijuana Salsa (Salsajuana?)  

Chips and salsa? Chips and salsa! Your preferred store bought chips are totally the way to go here, but why stop at store bought salsa when we’re already making all that canna-oil? This recipe, pulled from The Stoner Cookbook, is simple, easy, highly customizable and it looks fantastic. Bell pepper not your thing? Leave it out. Half a jalapeno not enough for you? Just throw more in, I guess.


Homemade Chocotacos

Admittedly, this one is going to take some prep work hours before. But if everything has gone according to plan, dessert could be just about anything and your guests would be pleased to see it. But an ice cream taco that was lovingly prepared in advance is nothing if not a show stopper (or a tasty Pinterest fail, whatever.) This recipe walks through the steps involved, from baking the tortillas, filling them with ice cream and all the toppings your little heart desires, to the freezer. Certainly, cannabutter could be used to extend this to a three-course dinner, but these sound fantastic with or without it.


Veg Out In Front of a Movie

Okay so now we’re all very full and maybe a little sleepy. We recommend the highly underrated Casa De Mi Padre, starring Will Ferrel in what is obviously a surrealist masterpiece. It’s available for streaming where those things usually occur.

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