Students Convicted of Drug Offenses Could Still Get Funding

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By Joan Eberhardt


College Kids with Past Drug Offenses Could Still Get Funding

For over a decade college students caught with illegal drugs would have any funding revoked (including scholarships, grants or work study programs) as a vestigial consequence of the war on drugs. A bipartisan group of senators have filed a bill that would eliminate those financial consequences, and eliminating a penalty that kept more kids out of classrooms than out of the illegal drug trade.

“A youthful mistake shouldn’t keep a person out of college and the middle class,” Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) told The Huffington Post. “There’s now an emerging bipartisan consensus on the need to reform our criminal justice system and ensure students who have already paid their debt to society are not punished twice.”


Medical Cannabis in Ohio?

Cannabis could be back on Ohio’s ballot this year.

When recreational cannabis failed on Ohio’s ballot last year, the general consensus was the voters opposed the part of the law that would have given exclusive growing rights to the 10 people funding the initiative itself. This year the voters may get to vote on a medical marijuana initiative that was drafted with the help of the Marijuana Policy Project. The proposed constitutional amendment was drafted very intentionally to avoid the kinds of monopoly-related problems that caused the previous proposal to fail. That said, there is a ridiculously high $500,000 application fee for large scale growing operations, but only a $5,000 fee for small scale ones.


All the Campaign News Fits Here This Week

Hillary Clinton would moved cannabis from a Schedule I drug (which classified it as dangerous as heroin) to a Schedule II drug, which would at least allow for it to be studied. At least. A dispensary in Portland is selling one gram joints to raise cash for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. While a bowl manufacturer in that same town sold Bowls for Bernie until they reached the maximum legal limit to donate to the candidate (who doesn’t have a Super PAC.) Proceeds from future sales will be redirected to charities that support girls in STEM or women in the arts. Donald Trump seems to think that a very large wall will solve most of America’s problems. (Good luck finding someone to build it, though.) John Kasich would like people to quit asking him about that time he maybe smoked a little cannabis 30 years ago.


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