April Fool’s Marijuana Pranks


By Joan Eberhardt


April Fool’s Day is approaching this Friday, and since marijuana-fans tend to be easily spooked and easily amused, they do make pretty easy targets. They can also be bold, brash, stupid and hilarious, but that’s all in good fun. Take some inspiration this year from the folks in these videos, and maybe have some good, clean fun this April Fool’s Day. (Please remember the difference between a prank and just being a jerk.)


Huge Joint Prank


Kids Trying to Sell A Little Pot


A Magician Tries to Sell Weed to a Cop


This Guy Messing With the Drive-Thru Staff


A Young Man Having Difficulty Describing Sheryl Crow


Tricking Your Tinder Dates


A Young Man Who Should be Nicer to His Mother


Trying to Buy a Dispensary Off Craigslist

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