Celebrate 420 Like An Adult

Photo via Flickr User Elvert Barnes

By Joan Eberhardt


April 20, the de facto celebration of cannabis, and cannabis users, has a powerful history. The National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has for decades used the day as one of the most organized and celebrated lobby days. Students on the University of Colorado campus used to have a smokeout so epic, that the campus eventually just declared April 20 a day the campus was closed (no longer the case.) So how does a young professional, who still has to get into work on April 21, mark the holiday? We’ve got a few ideas.


Attend a Rally/Celebration

As soon as 420 became shorthand for cannabis use, the community embraced the numerical order as a rallying point for the cause (social or political). It follows that April 20 would become a central date to protest arcane laws, advocate for legalization or simply commune with fellow cannabis users. Pro-cannabis activists routinely schedule lobby days, public rallys, or celebrations, oftentimes in capitol buildings, college campuses and public parks. Large public displays of marijuana support have been imperative in changing public opinion, and policy, over the last few decades. While the University of Colorado may no longer close campus for the big smokeout, it is in part because recreational legalization removed the immediate need for loud protests against ridiculous laws. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to advocate for, including rescheduling at a federal level, reformation of banking regulations and certainly there are men and women sitting in prisons for nonviolent drug-related crimes whose sentences deserve at least an appeal. Attending a rally shows that there is still work to be done reforming marijuana laws, and there is a good chance someone will share their snacks. If you do intend to partake: Please don’t drive. Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are both offering discounted services on April 20.


Call your legislator

Many states in the union allow for legal, adult, recreational use, but many, many states still abide by restrictive, ineffectual and arcane laws. Residents of states with more progressive laws can rest on their laurels, if they so choose, but in many places the work is just beginning. Nevada, California, Vermont, and Arizona could all very well pass recreational adult use legislation this year, but in states across the South and Midwest, the laws remain as restrictive as ever. Which means that aside from helping to prop up a dangerous and illegal black market, prohibition laws are helping to keep prisons full of nonviolent offenders. No matter where you live, give your local, state and national representatives a call, you can find all your legislators’ information here, say that you support the kind of common-sense cannabis reforms that are popular among a plurality of voters. Democracy works when people get involved.


Make A Nice Meal

You have to eat anyway, and it is one of the high holidays, so why not put a little cannabutter in your food and mow down accordingly. Of course, the dinner options are endless, but when in doubt, err on the side of breakfast for dinner.

This omelette, made with cannabutter,  is ready to eat in about 10 minutes, which is perfect because you have had a busy day attending rallies and calling your legislators. Ham and turkey add flavor and lean protein, while these tri-color marijuana krispy treats will leave a sweet taste on your palette. We recommend choosing red, white and blue, if you’re feeling patriotic.


Bonus Video


A short tour of the University of Colorado 420 rally in 2009, but what you really want to do is stick out to 2:19 when our noble cameraman, having left the rally, gets really distracted by a juniper bush.

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