Pennsylvania Celebrates 4/20 with Medical Marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf signs medical marijuana into law on Sunday, April (Photo via Facebook)

By Joan Eberhardt


PA Passes MMJ

Pennsylvania gets to celebrate this 4/20 just a little bit more than the rest of us, because this week they became the 24th state to legalize medical cannabis.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed the law before an energetic crowd gathered in the Capitol Rotunda, last weekend. The law is something

“It is among our proudest moments and it is our gift for generations to come,” Sen. Daylin Leach told “I can’t help thinking this is what government is supposed to look like.”

Pennsylvania, like many communities across the United States, has been hard hit by the opiate epidemic. Medical marijuana is considered by many to be an essential tool in reducing the number of opiates being prescribed and an essential first-step in reducing the number of opiate deaths in the state.


The Hoops Illinois Patients Have to Jump Through

The Chicago Reader’s annual Marijuana Issue came out last week, and one incredibly telling piece outlined all the ways that Illinois patients have to go through before they can get access to medical marijuana. The author, who suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which is a qualifying condition in that state, outlines the barriers she has run into attempting to legally obtain medical cannabis. Her doctor, who had previously prescribed a THC supplement, would not recommend her for Illinois’ Marijuana Pilot Program. Which is indicative of the biggest challenge the program is facing. Very few doctors in Illinois will prescribe a patient for the medical marijuana pilot program, in part due to objections from hospital administrators, but also because cannabis is still federally illegal and prescribing it to a patient can put medical licenses in jeopardy. Check out the rest of the Reader’s Marijuana Issue here.


Doctors Advocate for Marijuana Regulation

Fifty physicians, including a former-Surgeon General, and fellows at major American universities, have formed a pro-cannabis lobby organization. Doctors For Cannabis Regulation is asking doctors and medical professionals across the U.S. to pressure local, state and federal governments to regulate cannabis in the name of public health.

The group favors adult recreational cannabis use, as well as medical uses, and argues that prohibition causes much more public harm than good. DFCS does not actively advocate the use of marijuana, rather it chooses to advocate that by regulating, and therefore mitigating the risks associated with black market commerce.

“If you’re going to make something against the law, the health consequences of that use have to be so bad to make it worth creating criminal consequences. That was never true of marijuana. It was banned in 1937 over the objections of the American Medical Association (AMA)” founder and board president David L. Nathan told the Washington Post.


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