Music Festival Survival Guide



Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

By Joan Eberhardt

Music fest survival guide

Festival season is well under way and while listening to RZA or Flosstradomus is an excellent way to spend a long weekend, it can also be physically draining. With a little forward planning you can make sure your festival experience is safe, healthy and hydrated, while still getting yourself lifted (regardless of the weather).

Prep your cannabis in advance

Whether you prefer to vaporize, smoke, or ingest your cannabis, do all the prep work before you get to the festival. Planning to roll your joints or blunts on the fly is an amateur move and would be extremely difficult if it were to rain. Make sure you are amply supplied before you leave the house.

If you need a refresher, here is a handy video.

Keep your stash dry and discreet:

Mud, rain, a busted camelback are all threats to the health and safety of your stash. So is event security, whose job is to ensure that the festival abides with local laws and ensures the safety of concertgoers. Keep your stash secure and dry by putting it into a container that is both waterproof and contains any smells. Stink Sack is commonly heralded as a great, low-cost product that does those two things extremely well. This three pack should meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Stay hydrated, no really, just drink water

Cottonmouth aside, it is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Many people are treated for dehydration by medical professionals following a festival. Don’t be a statistic, drink water all day.  

Photo via Etsy

Sunglasses to shade your eyes, hide your redeye

We like these mirrored shades for the ladies and these squares for the gentlemen, but gender is construct so everyone wear whatever they like. Just protect your eyes from harmful UV rays using something.

Protect your skin

Dermatologists will tell you to wear long sleeves and stay outside during the hottest part of the day, but if that conflicts with your festival outfit and you really can’t miss seeing Gwar at 1:15, protect your skin. Sunscreen reduces the chances of getting a sunburn, premature aging or the potential for skin cancer. This one offers plenty of SPF protection and doesn’t have a sticky texture or stinky odor.

Protect your ears

People say if you wear earplugs to a concert, you are too old to be at that concert. Those people won’t be able to hear your witty response to that later in life. Concerts are loud. Protect your ears, especially if you must be at the front of the Misfits set directly adjacent to the speakers.

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