Ten Strains to Try Before Summer Ends

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By Joan Eberhardt

Holy crud, you guys, it’s August. That can’t possibly be true, because that would mean we have to get ready to start winding down summer. The dog days of summer (a phrase with an actual meaning) are so jam-packed full of all that stuff we were too busy soaking up some much-needed Vitamin D to do.  There are still festivals to go to, beaches to visit, sunburns to get and ice cream cones that aren’t going to eat themselves. So to make sure that we get all these things in before winter returns, grab one or two of these strains, a cool pair of shades and make the most of what time is left.

For the Road Trip


Load up the car with your road trip snacks, self-made mixtape (open with this song or what are you even doing?) and get ready for a cross-country adventure.
Jet Fuel, sometimes known as G6, is a sativa-driven hybrid that will provide a boost of energy to help you power through the long road trip or unwind at the end of the day. Just try to abstain from cannabis use while driving, it’s not the safest thing to do.

For the Farmers Market Haul

Cherry pie, like its stone fruit namesake, is sweet and sour in flavor and would go beautifully with any of those late-summer fruits that are coming in at the farmers markets. A plate of cherry pie, with a bowl of cherry pie on the side? Yes, please.

For Lazy Days

By Rebecca Mock
By Rebecca Mock

Want to spend the rest of the summer relaxing? Lavender has been used for centuries as a sleep aid and muscle relaxer, which might explain how Lavender came to be the name of this strain of cannabis. Purple in color and floral in scent, lavender is an extremely good strain if you want to lay back and watch the clouds go by.

For the Music Festival

Khalifa Kush got its name, in part as an homage to known marijuana enthusiast, Wiz Khalifa. Like Khalifa the man, who will be out touring all summer, Khalifa the strain would lend and energetic and cerebral buzz to your festival day.

For Summer Cookouts

Here’s a non-cannabis recipe for you: take a bunch of fresh herbs and put them all over whatever you want to eat and grill it. Sounds crazy, but just give it a shot. Sage and pork are especially friends so it stands to reason that it would if you grill a bunch of pork chops, invite some friends over and pass the dutchie made with SAGE, you will find yourself in tall cotton. SAGE stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium and with THC at 20 percent in this energetic strain, you can be prepared for a chill night.

For Saturday Afternoon

lake como

In Chicago summertime means heading to Miko’s to buy Italian Ice out of a hole in the wall. If you’ve also got a little bit of Strawberry Ice, this heady strain that won Best Sativa 2015 Oregon DOPE Cup, would be a great combo. It’s a happy, energetic strain that would be perfect for an August afternoon.

For Around the Bonfire 

Especially as the season progresses and fall begins lurking, backyard bonfires become the social impetus for hanging out. Fire Haze is a wonderful strain to pass around the fire, in part, because it is an uplifting, creative strain with sociable and enterprising aftereffects.

For Sunny Days

A day in the sun lounging in the park with a good book, is among the finer ways to kill a few hours on a sunny day. Stay cool with some water and Sunset Sherbet, a potent hybrid that is descended from Girl Scout Cookies and smells like berries, should help you fuel your creative energies.

For Staring at the Night Sky


Though by scientific measure the winter night sky has the best scenes (if you live in the northern hemisphere) but rather than freeze, we tend to see the sky in the sum. There is something marvelous about seeing the light of other worlds thousands or even millions of years after they left wherever they started out, and here we are staring at them now. Whoa, dude. Space Queen is an extremely potent, highly buzzy strain that should help you contemplate the enormity of the universe.

For 44

Named in honor of America’s 44th president, who will be turning 55 this week, enjoy some Obama Kush. This invigorating and inspirational Indica strain offers some of those hopey changey feelings that made the 2008 election not a total garbage fire. Happy birthday, Obama, this one’s for you.

Cover photo by Scott DW Smith

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