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By Joan Eberhardt


DEA Declines to Schedule Marijuana Properly

In what could prove to be a shortsighted move, the Drug Enforcement Administration declined to loosen restrictions on how it treats cannabis late Wednesday night. Despite half the states allowing cannabis to be used for medical or recreational reasons, DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg said the decision was made based on scientific evidence and FDA opinions.

“This decision isn’t based on danger. This decision is based on whether marijuana, as determined by the FDA, is a safe and effective medicine,” Rosenberg said, “and it’s not.”

This decision keeps marijuana scheduled in the same category as heroin, and more dangerous than methamphetamine. Schedule 1 drugs cannot be subjected to scientific study and are considered, legally speaking, to have no medical value.

This move could be considered a hiccup in the march to cannabis legalization. The Democratic Party just adopted the most progressive platform in its history, calling out specifically that a path to legalization should be laid at the federal level. Vote in November, Kannatopians!

Obama Commutes 214 Sentences, Most of Any President Ever

President Obama last week commuted the sentences of 214 federal inmates “almost all” of whom were incarcerated on nonviolent drug charges.

Despite the reticence of his administration to take a common sense approach to DEA scheduling (see above) Obama has commuted far more sentences than any other president in history. This move brings his total to 562, well above the President Lyndon Johnson’s 226 and more than the previous nine presidents combined.

“Since taking office, President Obama has fought for a smarter and more equitable criminal justice system,” The White House said in a blog post. “He has committed to using all the tools at his disposal to remedy the unfairness at the heart of the system — including the presidential power to grant clemency.”

So that’s something.

Man Facing Trafficking Charges After Handing Out Bad Edibles at Ohio Music Fest

A Michigan man was arrested when 24 people at an Ohio outdoor concert were hospitalized after ingesting edibles that he had distributed.

The candy was designed to mimic Nerds and was labeled “Prescribed Medibles by Dr. Greenbuds” but even after ingesting one or two of the little candies concertgoers began to present strange symptoms. Medical professionals at EST Fest initially treated people for opioid overdoses before lab tests showed only high concentrations of THC.

Matthew Gross was charged with drug trafficking after witnesses claimed he was tossing packets of the candy into the crowd. In total 24 people were hospitalized after presenting strange symptoms.

One woman who was hospitalized said she only ate one of the candies before she became disoriented and had trouble breathing. I felt like I was everywhere at once,” she said. “And it was not a good feeling.

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