Hiking with Cannabis: A How-to Guide

Photo via Flicker user Ian D. Keating

By Joan Eberhardt

Nature and cannabis have been a beloved combo since before we, as a species, had names for either of those things. Especially since so many states have opened up the cannabis market for either medical or recreational purposes, people are taking their wax or vape pens out with them on hiking and camping trips. (We’re looking at you, Colorado.) Feeling connected to the world around you, or free in a natural setting can provide a much-needed recharge if your day-to-day life is more of an urban grind. So grab your preferred pipe or rolling papers, your compass in case GPS fails you, and a pair of good hiking shoes, just make sure to leave footprints and take photos.

Keep Your Stash Dry

Depending on where you are, the climate and the season, you want to make sure that your provisions are well secured and safe. A package of zip-top bags will suit your needs while also providing a separate place to store any refuse. A well-sealed plastic bag should also be able to carry any flower or smoking implement you intend to use while masking the scent and keeping everything inside safe in case of a sudden rainstorm.

Water is SO Important

Bring a bottle of water both to ensure that you maintain hydration while on the trail, but also to counteract any dry mouth you may encounter. This one helps you remember to stay hydrated with a certain amount of charming crassness.

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Hydro Flask will keep your cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12!

Pick Up After Yourself

Hiking trails and public lands are for everyone, and while cannabis may be a thing you enjoy, not everyone does. It is important to keep the trail clean for fellow hikers. Don’t toss spent blunts or roaches to the side of the trail, be courteous and pick up after yourself. Same goes for any packaging that may result from munchies or fuel for your hike. If you wouldn’t leave it lying on the floor of your house, don’t leave it outside. Pack it in, pack it out.

Bring a Camera

Every now and then you are lucky enough to hike a spot so beautiful that you have to stop and admire the view. If you’re extra lucky that spot will be a little secluded and you may want to mark the occasion with a little puff or two. Your smoke buddies may want to see what a gorgeous location you found while out on the trail, so bring a camera. Show off a little.

Where’s your favorite hiking spot? Share in the comments below!

Featured image by KOX Photography

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