A Guide to Your Pumpkin Spice Cannabis Fall

Photo via Flickr user Liz

By Joan Eberhardt


The hottest August on record is in the books and all of a sudden there’s a coolness in the breeze that wasn’t there before. A welcome reprieve from the heat of summer, and a welcoming signal letting us know that everything is about to taste like pumpkins.

Don’t like pumpkin? Too bad.



One step ahead of the noble brownie, the blondie is greatly underrated. This one from My Baking Addiction is a pretty straightforward recipe that mixes butter, eggs, vanilla with chocolate chips and pumpkin puree. Instead of standard butter, make these with cannabutter, this recipe from Herb is just as simple as the blondies so you should be ready for a spacey trip.

A Fall-Inspired Strain


Snow Bud, named for its snowy resin and white pistils, it offers cinnamon-y smells, with a euphoric high and sour notes. This popular West Coast strain is a cross between Afghani and South African strains.

Dress the Part

Boot cuffs are super cute, and can help keep you a little warm during the transition seasons. Maybe you don’t want to wear your cannabusiness out in public, but a tasteful pair of green boot cuffs, like these will help keep you in the mood for cannabis all day long.

Grab a Pipe


Fall means leaf peeping, plain and simple. Going out into the woods to view the changing colors, watch the birds fly south and catch the season while there is still time. Many people like to take a little cannabis with them, and this stylish pipe by Novaglassworks is not only small enough to travel in a backpack comfortably, but its colors will complement the seasonal colors.

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