Ten Cool Cannabis Gadgets

By Joan Eberhardt


We are almost certainly living in probably the most amazing time in human history for cannabis consumption. There has never been a greater variety of healthy strains, the legal tide is turning with every election, and technology is constantly coming up with new ways to deliver cannabis that are easier, more effective and extremely creative. We’ve assembled a list of some of the coolest gadgets that you might want to put in your stash box soon.


The Piece Pipe, $36

This Swedish-designed keychain is also a pipe, making it crazy easy to smoke and store on the go. It is easy to use, easy to clean and discreet as heck.


Unbreakable, Highly Tappable Ashtray, $22.99

This silicone ashtray was designed with the cannabis user’s needs in mind. Because it is molded silicone, it won’t ever break and is super easy to clean, and it’s edges and grooves were designed to be as effective at cleaning excess ash from your glass as possible.


The Golden Gate Grinder, $18.95

This might be the gold standard of grinders. It’s 2 inches wide, has four removable pieces, including a rubber scraper for kief. On top of all that, it’s got a lifetime warranty.


The Little Black Book of Marijuana, $9.95

This little book covers everything you wanted to know about cannabis culture and history, from ancient Greece through modern America. It also covers the essentials of cannabis identification, cultivation, its medical uses and a primer on legalization.


Herb Preserve, $20

This sleek little container can hold up to five ounces of cannabis and keep it fresh, and smells contained. Users say this canister helps keep their herbs fresher than even the standby Mason jar. Herb Preserve holds up to 8 oz of cannabis so it can be a great investment for growers.


VAPRWARE, $95 – $155

VAPRWARE offers a combination of the two things no vaporizer fan would do without, their trusty vape and a cozy hoodie. This hoodie, made of french terry cotton, also has a vape system built into the hood. Choose your favorites, wax, herb, e-juice, whatever, and easily access your cannabis outdoors in cold locations, like hiking or skiing.


Vaporbrothers Eleven, $55.99

It’s pretty easy to spend thousands of dollars on your vaporizer, but since most of us aren’t Wiz Khalifa, budgeting is a concern. The Vaporbrothers Eleven pen is reliable, durable, discreet and it is one of the few vape pens to include a carb, so you can adjust the intensity of the hit. Priced around $60, that seems like a solid return on investment.


Mota Pot, $49.99

If you’re into making your own edibles, the Mota Pot will significantly speed up your process. In just under 10 minutes this little gizmo can have a quart of cannabutter ready to be put into your snacks.


Trichrome DankTank, $18.99

Like the Herb Preserve, this sleek, discreet container holds your cannabis in an airtight container, while containing the smells. The DankTank, however, holds up to 3 oz of herb, which might fit many people’s logistical needs a little better.


Amethyst Pipe, $75.99

Made out of an actual piece of amethyst, this functional pipe is natural and cool as heck.


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