2500 Year Old Cannabis Found in China

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By Joan Eberhardt

2500 Year Old Stash Found in China

A discovery of cannabis plants buried with a man who died in approximately 500 B.C. unearths new information about cannabis use through history. The discovery of 13 cannabis plants, each about 3 feet tall, which were buried along with a 35 year old man, who was laid to rest on what used to be the Silk Road.

The discovery lends a great deal of evidence to suggest cannabis may have been popular for its psychotropic effects for thousands of years. The plants found at the burial site were flowering at the time they were harvested, and while most of the flowering portions were removed before burial, the few that remain are covered in hairy trichromes, suggesting they were grown locally and cultivated for their psychotropic effects.

No textiles were found at the burial site, which does kind of imply that these plants weren’t grown to make rope, ifyaknowwhatimean.


Fine Dining for Cannabis Connoisseurs

Wine pairings, whiskey flights, prix fixe menus, a citrusy strain before the salad course. One of the industries that has taken advantage of legalization is the restaurant business, and not just Taco Bell.
The legal cannabis industry has been attempting to shed its couch-lock-and-Doritos image for some time, and restaurateurs are happy to help out. Across Colorado, and other states where adult recreational use is legal, businesses that normally attract James Beard and Michelin star enthusiasts, are offering multi course meals paired with particular strains of cannabis. Fall salads paired with citrusy strains, roasted pork paired with a sweet smelling joint and chocolate cannabis-infused ice cream for dessert, will run about $200 per person at one event.

“If I asked my mom or my dad what they smell, they’re going to say, ‘skunk,’ or, ‘It smells like marijuana.’ But it’s like wine or anything else. There’s more flavor profile there,” Chef Alex Perry told the Associated Press.

Maine Governor Continues Strange Anti-Pot Tirade

Maine Governor Paul LePage says that marijuana is a deadly drug that leads to poisoned children and heroin addiction, in a video urging Mainers to vote against medical marijuana in November. Urging voters to vote against Question 1, which would legalize cannabis for adult use in Maine, LePage spouted several bald-faced lies about how deadly marijuana is, how easy it is to overdose, how easily children will be attracted to cannabis and how marijuana use is a gateway drug that leads to opiate addiction.

The video was initially posted on LePage’s Facebook page, but was later removed. “THC levels in marijuana snacks are so high they could kill children and pets,” LePage, a Republican, says in the video. “…People will smoke marijuana in pot stores right next to schools, daycare centers and churches. They will smoke weed and sell pot at state fairs.”

LePage has been on a strong anti-cannabis tirade for months. Earlier this year at a town hall meeting he said he kept a three ring binder full of newspaper clipping related to opiate arrests in the state. At the time, LePage said that 90 percent of people arrested for opiate-related crimes were African American or Hispanic people from outside the state, which is a lie. This was later proven factually unsound, when LePage made the binder in question public for some reason.

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